Akki Roti
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Published Aug 16, 2007 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Appetizers Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Flour Standing Time 1 hour
Description: Akki roti with Ellu pajji is a classic breakfast dish among Kodava food recipes. Rice roti is served with roasted sesame seeds chutney.

Recipe of Akki Roti

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Turmeric Powder 1/2 Teaspoons
Asafoetida A Pinch
Cumin Seeds 1 Teaspoons
Chopped Coriander Leaves 2 Tablespoons
Grated Fresh Coconut 1/2 Cup
Chopped Green Chillies 3-4 Numbers
Chopped Onion 1/2 Cup
Rice Flour (Akki Hittu) 2 Cup
Chilli Powder 1 Teaspoons
Oil To Fry
Salt To Taste


  1. Mix all the ingredients with little oil in warm water. Knead well to make soft dough.
  2. Spread some oil on the hand and take a lemon sized ball of the dough and pat it to thick rotti.
  3. Heat a pan and lace the prepared rotti on it.
  4. Make 3-4 holes in the rottis and pour few drops of oil in each hole. Cook well on both sides till golden brown. Repeat the same with the remaining dough.
  5. Ragi Rotti can be made with the same procedure by replacing rice flour with ragi flour.
  6. Grated vegetables like carrots and cabbage can also be add while making the dough.
Posted Aug 16, 2007

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Yogish Feb 23, 2010
Good job posting the recipe. However, The recipe can be more detailed. One of the most important steps in the making the rotti is making the dough. If you can post exact measures to be used Eg: for 1 measure of rice flour use 1.5 measures of hot water. These things will greatly help for people who are looking and trying these recipes.

Please note that this is just a suggestion and your recipe posting is much appreciated.

Bina Ramesh Jan 17, 2010
Add wqrm water and no coconut still roti will be soft\crispy. less calories too

vs Dec 15, 2009
Great website, very inspiring to watch your video recipies!
I have improvised the traditional akki roti by mixing in rice flour to a lot of chopped/shredded vegetables like carrots, cabbage, spinach, onion, peas, bell pepper, leave out the coconut . For flavoring I also like to add mint, chillies and coriander. It is very healthful version and people love it. I am going to try this veg. mix in your dibba roti.
Tried your rava dosa recipe - they were crisp but did not come in one piece. Will have to try again. Good luck with this website.

Preethi Sep 23, 2009
hello.. thnx for the recipe.. i´ve made the mix of roti.. will prepare it in few mints... yummy yummy
as i know & as said Gayana.. in south Karnataka they prepare plane Rice Roti & its yummyy

My dad suggested to add come grated coconut & some sugar to the dough.. ( just a suggestion ).
after all its Yumy yumy rice roti.
Thank you very much

Tia Feb 11, 2009
Can I use all purpose flour instead of rice flour ?

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