bottle guard sarvapindi and spring onion sarvapindi
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Author mksukku Yield No Value
Published Jun 21, 2012 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Appetizers Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Standing Time 1 hour

Recipe of bottle guard sarvapindi and spring onion sarvapindi

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Bottle Guard 1 Small


i sanjay:-) first of all I wanna thank my teacher that's you;-) not only for teaching me lot of dishes, but also for inspiring me to cook lots and lots of dishes. Now I like to send you a tip regarding sarwapindj recipe which we prepare twice or even thrice weekly at our home. 1.grate a bottle guard and add the channa dal, sesme seeds, curry leaves... Etc whichever you have added in your video And add rice flour to this mixture to make it a dough , should not add any additional water to it, then go ahead with this dough . I promise you that you shall get an extremely delicious sarwapindi you have ever tasted:-) add greenchilly paste and garlic paste together instead of chilly powder , you'll get even better taste:-) 2. One more way to prepare sarwapindi is to add excessive chopped spring onions(little bit ripened ones than we use in curries and garnishing) instead of grated bottle guard, then go ahead with remaining u can add little bit water to make dough. This tastes really yummy:-) Now you tell me how to prepare spring roll sheets at home. Thanks, Mk:-)
Posted Jun 21, 2012

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