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Author sriramya86 Yield No Value
Published Jan 22, 2009 Cooking Time 5 Minutes
Recipe Type Breads Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Ingredient Bread Standing Time 5 Minutes
Description: this is a dish good in taste and its very simple to prepare.....

Recipe of bread-ka-mitha

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Kissmiss 10-12 Piece
Cardamon 1/2 Piece
Sugar 1 Cup
Water 1/4 Cup
Milk 1 Cup
Bread 4 Piece
Kajju 4-5 Piece
Ghee as required


1. Add ghee to the pan and fry kajju,kissmiss... 2. To that add more ghee and bread slices...(remember the more ghee you use to fry bread we get more taste)--fry bread pieces till they become brown in colour 3. Boil the milk and keep aside. 4. Add water and sugar to a pan and make thin syrup..(see that syrup is not too thick) 5. Next step is to take the bread pieces and dip one by one in milk and sugar syrup saperately... 6. Sprinkle the cardamon pwder and dry fruits. 7. Keep the container in a freezer for few min and eat tastes really good
Posted Jan 22, 2009

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