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Cashew Burfi

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Published March 21, 2008 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient Other Preparation Time 10 mins

This is one of my favourite dessert and i just cant resist eating these mouth watering burfis. This is my moms recipe and now it is a hit among friends and family,

Ingredients of Cashew Burfi

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Ghee  50 Grams
Sugar  100 Grams
Cashew  100 Grams
Milk  1/4 Cup

The first step would be to grind the cashew pieces to make a course powder. There can be small pieces. This will be a crunchy taste to the burfi. In a heavy flat bottomed vessel add the cashew powder, sugar and milk, the sugar liquifies and blends in. Keep stirring to get an even smooth mixture. After a few stirs start adding ghee one tsp at a time. Give some time for the mixture to absorb the ghee added. Continue this with the rest of the ghee. now you can see the mixture thickening. At one point the mixture can take in no more ghee and it starts frothing in the sides of the pan. This is the right stage to remove the mixture from flame. pour this mixture into a greased plate and even it out. Let this cool for a while. Now it can be cut into desired shapes.
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Cashew Burfi

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