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Author Vahchef Servings 0 persons
Published July 24, 2009 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient Chicken Preparation Time 20 mins


Recipe of chicken pizza

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
mushroom slices  4-5 Slice
1 small tomato round thin slices  1 Numbers
small onion slices  1 Numbers
thin slices of all bell pepper  8 Slice
jalapeno  2 Numbers
grilled chicken pieces( get from walmart frozen section or else take white chicken and fry it)  5-6 Numbers
olives  4-5 Numbers
pizza tomato sauce  1 Can
Pizza base (u will get from walmart  1 Big
shredded cheese  2 Piece
Italian seasoning( u will get in seasoning section in walmart)  2 Numbers
salt  1-2 Tablespoons
pepper  1-2 Tablespoons

1.Take pizza base decorate with pizza tomato sauce 2.Keep bit cheese on it 3.Arrange all veggies like first onions,bell peppers e.t.c 4.arrange Chicken 5.Cover with cheese,italian seasoning,salt,pepper 6.Preheat the oven 350 degree and place in the middle rack bake it for 15-20 min (depends on oven type) 7.Allow few minutes to get cool 8.Cut the pizza with the help of pizza cutter into slices
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