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Published October 24, 2008 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Dall Preparation Time mins

Dalma is a unique and famous dish prepared in Orissa.I like it because of all the vegetables and dal and lessspices.When you are not a mood for spicy curry ,think of "Dalma"(Dal+Vegetales)

Recipe of DALMA (Orissa special)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Tomato  1 large
Toor dal  3 table sppon
greated coconut  1 tablespoon
Raw Banana  1 medium cut in to small pieces
pumpkin   4 pieces
bringel  4 pieces cut big pieces Large
Patoto  1 cut 8 pieces Large
Cumin seeds,red chilli(2)  1 table spoon
oil/ghee  1 table spoon
onion finley chopped  1 mediun
greated ginger  1/2 table spoon

You can add vegetables of all kinds to your taste to Dalma.To name a few lauki jackfruit seeds Beans papaya Preparation: Cut all the vegetables.Wash dal .Put dal and vegetables ,Tomato pieces,coconut ,2 cups of water in pressercooker.Add salt,turmeric to your taste.Put 1 whistle in medium flame and immideatly switch off flame. Roaste(without oil) cumin seeds and redchilli for 1 to 2 min .grind it when it cooled down.keep aside. in a pan take oil ghee .add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,green chilli,greated ginger and onion .Allow it to fry sometime till onion turns golden brown.Add dal and vegetable mixture from pressure cooker.Then add rosted cumin powder top of it and mix well.Allow the mixture boil for 5 min to mix all the flavoures.Serve hot with chapati/Rice.
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