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Published August 14, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Goru Chikkudu kayalu Preparation Time mins

Goru chikkudu kaya kura is a andhra home style vegetarian recipe, made with goru chikkudu kaya kura.

Recipe of Goru chikkudu kaya kura

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Goru Chikkudu kayalu(can buy frozen packs in any Indian stores)  1/2 Lbs
Channa dal (soaked)  1/2 Numbers
Onions (chopped)  1 Large
Green chilies.  8-10 Numbers
Ginger a small   oz
jeera  1/4 Tablespoons
urad dal  1/2 Tablespoons
mustard seeds  1/4 Tablespoons
curry leaves  5-6 Numbers
Red chillies  2 Numbers
Oil  3 Tablespoons
Salt   To Taste

1. Soak channa dal for 2 hours, rinse well, drain the water.
2. Put green chillies, ginger, and soaked channa dal in a belnder and make a fine paste (can add some water if needed.)
3. Cut cluster beans into pieces, add some water and cook in a microwave for 15 minutes.
4. Now drain water and keep it aside.
5. Take a pan, add popu stuff (jeera, urad dal,curry leaves, red chillies, mustard seeds)and fry until mustard seeds splits.
6. Add chopped onions and fry for 2 minutes.
7. Add channa dal paste to this popu and stir fry for 3 minutes until channa dal turns light red colored.
8. Now add cooked cluster beans (goru chikkudu kaya mukkalu) and mix well.
9. Leave it for 2 minutes on the stove, stir fry occasionally.
10. Serve hot with hot steamed rice.
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