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Published August 14, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient brinjal Preparation Time mins

Gutti Vankaya kura is an authentic Andhra Recipe made with small brinjal's stuffed and cooked with some spices.

Recipe of gutti vankaya kura

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
dhaniya  1 Teaspoons
senagapappu  1 Teaspoons
minapappu  1 Teaspoons
red chilli  2-3 Numbers
jeera  1/2 Teaspoons
nalla vankayalu-small size  250 Grams
tomatoes  2 Numbers

1-fry the dhaniya,senagapappu,minapappu,jeera,red chilli in oil and grind them to a paste..
2-cut some onions(small red onions are recommended) into very very small pieces...they should look like a paste from far
3-mix 1amp;2
4-cut the brinjals into 4 or 6 pieces without seperating the pieces from the brinjal..that means the kaya should be cooked as a whole...
5-by seperating the cut pieces gently with ur hand place some amount of the prepared paste in each brinjal.(remember u should cook the brinjal as a whole)
6-now put oil in a pan ...allow it to the stuffed brinjals in oil....and also put the tomatoes in the pan...(small pieces)
7-place the lid for the first 10 min or so under high flame
8-then lower the flame and keep checking until they r cooked properly
teh curry is now ready to eat
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