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Published January 20, 2010 Cooking Time (mins)
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Recipe of Indian style pasta

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
salt   To Taste
Carrot  1 Cup
Beans  1 Cup
Amchur powder  3 Teaspoons
Pasta sauce (Any flavour found in store)  5 Tablespoons
Pasta  3 Cup
corn  1 Cup
oil  2 Teaspoons
Pepper  1 Teaspoons

Firstly take pasta and add it to the boiling water and add little salt and oil. Allow it to cook well take a spoon and brake it and see whether its cooked or not. Next drain the water and keep it a side. Mean while take carrot,beans,corn and cook them. Take a pan put oil in it and add cooked vegetables to it and fry them then add pasta sauce to it and fry them for 5 mins and then add cooked pasta, salt and pepper as needed to your taste and finally add amchur powder and mix well and allow it to stay like that for 5 mins and finally serve it hot. Finally mouth watering pasta dish in indian style is ready.
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