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masala egg curry

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Published May 30, 2009 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient egg Preparation Time mins

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Recipe of masala egg curry

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
cumin seeds  1 Tablespoons
curry leafs  1 Bunch
red chilli powder  1 Tablespoons
salt   To Taste
tomato small  1 Numbers
black cardamom  5 Numbers
ginger  1 inch Piece
garlic cloves  5 Numbers
cinnamon stick  half Stricks
coriander seeds  1 Tablespoons
poppy seeds  3 Tablespoons
chilies  5 Numbers
onions  1 Numbers
tamirind water  1 Cup
eggs  5 Numbers
besan powder  1 Tablespoons
oil  4 Tablespoons
termaric powder   Pinch
garam masala powder  half Tablespoons

take a pan add oil ,onoins,and green chillis fry them for 5 min add termiric powder salt and add tomatoes and cook for 5 min add eggs add red chilli powder,garam masala powder and add tamirind juice (amount is based on ur taste) close the lid and cook it for 6 to 7 min on medium heat ,take a grinder jar and add ginger ,garlic,poppy seeds,cardamon,coriander and cumin seeds add some water and make this into a smooth paste after the tamirind juice is cooked add dis masala paste in to it andd cook it for more time till the oil come out (its ur choice adding the eggs before r after the tamarind juice is cooked)add some water if required .tamirind juce is like watery not thick paste. add curry leafs and cilantro after cooking the masala add besan powder by mixing in water the besan water is for thicking the gravey and cook for few min and den serve
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masala egg curry

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