Modur Polav
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Published Nov 5, 2007 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Rices Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Other Standing Time 1 hour

Recipe of Modur Polav

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Rice Basmati 500 Grams
Sugar 750 Grams
Pure 'Ghi' 250 Grams
Almond Kernels 25 Grams
Raisins 25 Grams
Dry Dates 50 Grams
Dry Coconuts 50 Grams
Shelled Musk Melon Seeds 25 Grams
Black Cardamom 25 Grams
Black Pepper Corns 10 Grams
Cinnamon 5 Grams
Green Cardamom 5 Grams
Cassia Leaves 6 Numbers
Cloves 2 Numbers
Green Ginger 20 Grams
Sugar Candy Crystals 25 Grams
'Kewra' Essence 5 Numbers
'Saffron' (a Pinch), Or Lemon Yellow Edible Colour (a Little) Pinch
Salt To Taste


1. In a thick bottomed \'Patila\', of about 3 litres and with a fitting lid, boil the Basmati Rice in the very water in which it was kept soaking, till it is almost cooked and all water is absorbed. Stir gently once or twice while boiling, so that the Rice cooks uniformly. Remove \'Patila\' from the stove. 2. Meanwhile in a Pan, put the Sugar and add a little more than a quarter of a litre water, and the prepared Condiments, along with the Cinnamon pieces and Cassia Leaves. Add also the Saffron, ore little Lemon Yellow Edible Colour. Stir, and boil on a low flame till Sugar gets dissolved, and the Condiments also cook a little in the Syrup. 3. Now transfer the somewhat cooked Rice to a basin, and add the Condimented Syrup, along with the Green Cardamoms, after crushing these a bit. Add \'Ghi\', after heating it in a pan and adding the two cloves. Now, with a broad flat spatula (H-\'Palta\'), gently mix the Rice, and the Condimented Syrup along with the \'Ghi\' and Cassica Leaves etc., and transfer all the things back to the \'Patila\'. Cover its mouth with the fitting lid. Put a \'rope\' of kneaded wheat flour dough, between the rims of the \'Patila\' and the lid, and press it, to make the vessel almost air tight. 4. Resume heating the \'Patila\', on a very low heat, and put a weight on the lid, so that the kneaded flour packing sets as a gasket to stop the steam from escaping easily. After 20 to 30 minutes of slow steam cooking remove the weight and the lid, and see that the Rice is done to the very core, and all its grains, are separate and become somewhat translucent. The very special aroma will denote that the \'Polav\' is ready. Sometimes a little more heating, after sprinkling of little water, may be necessary, if the Rice is not done properly. Just before serving, the \'Kewra\' Essence and Sugar Candy Crystals are mixed with the \'Pulav\'. Serve piping hot.
Posted Nov 5, 2007

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