Mooli paratha Raddish paratha
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Published May 6, 2009 Cooking Time 60 Minutes
Recipe Type Breads Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Radish Standing Time 60 Minutes
Description: Mooli paratha is a very popular dish in North India. It is a paratha made by stuffing grated radish mixed with spices and baked on a tawa.

Recipe of Mooli paratha Raddish paratha

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Green Chillies 2 Numbers
Amchur Powder 1 Teaspoons
Cumin Powder pinch Piece
Salt as per taste To Taste
Coriander Leaves 1 Bunch
Red Chilli Pdr 1/2 Teaspoons
Oil 1/2 Teaspoons
Wheat Flour 1 Cup
Radish 2 Numbers


  1. Take a radish, Peel the radish and grate it. Add salt,red chilli,amchure,cumin powder,green chillies finely chopped,coriander leaves, mix well and Squeez this mixture and remove water from it and keep aside.
  2.  Now take wheat flour and make dough with drained radish water,little oil, and normal water.
  3.  Rest it for 15 min.Divide the dough into small equal parts make a small chapati and stuff the mooli mixture into it and make a chapati.
  4. Take a pan, heat it and fry the parathas slowly. Fry them on both the sides with butter or ghee or oil.
  5.  2nd method, Take a pan, heat it and fry the grated raddish,add red chilli,cumin,amchur,salt,onions,mix well till the raddish becomes dry.
  6.  Divide the dough into small equal parts.make a small chapati andstuff the mooli mixture into it and make abig chapati.
  7. Take a pan, heat it and fry the parathas slowly.
  8. Fry them on both the sides with butter or ghee or oil.
  9.  Serve hot with onion raith
Posted May 6, 2009

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Lavanya Sep 21, 2010
Hi Sanjay, I tried ur mooli paratha recipe and ..... wow . I am surprised that it is very simple and tasty, that too prepared with my hands. I inspired by ur cooking style and also telugu songs sung by u at the end of session. Thank u very much.

shaila Jul 8, 2009
Hi I tried your Raw method of making mooli paratha & it came out very nice & was just Delicious!

kavitha Jun 15, 2009
Thanks a ton to the Chef...
My hubby always likes new recipes..
This one turned out to be great hit!! he just loved it... easy to make.. comes out really fine...

syam May 15, 2009
its good

Pednekar May 5, 2009
Hi Chef,
If I am not mistaken, the amnt of flour may be not correct as 1 gm. I like your site. pls show us some chinese recp, tks and regds.

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