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muslim biryani

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Published September 07, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
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Ingredients of muslim biryani

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Pulao rice.  4000 Grams
Mutton  6000 Grams
Potatoes  2000 Grams
Cinnamon.  20 Grams
Cardamom (black variety)  20 Grams
Pepper.  20 Grams
Clove.  20 Grams
Sweet cumin.  50 Grams
Cumin.  40 Grams
Dried plums.  250 Grams
Saffron.  3 Grams
Orange colour.  10 Grams
Coriander powder.  50 Grams
Chilli powder  100 Grams
Hydrogenated fat.  2000 Grams
Tomatoes.  500 Grams
Curds.  2000 Grams
Ginger.  100 Grams
Green chillies.  100 Grams
Limes.  6 Numbers
Garlic.  150 Grams
Onions.  4000 Grams
Bay leaf.  5 Grams
Salt   To Taste

1.Boil water (double the amount of rice) with bay leaf,one-third of sweet cumin,pepper,cloves,cinnamom,and salt.
2.Add rice when water starts boiling.Boil for 2 minutes.Remove and drain off water into another vessel.Keep water aside.
3.Clean and cut mutton and soak in curds mixed with crushed ginger,greenAcirc; chillies,garlic,coriander leaves,one-third cloves,cinnamon,cardamom,and onions sliced and fried crisp till golden brown and powdered.Add quartered tomatoes.
4.Peel and quarter potatoes.Half-fry in hot fat.
5.Fry in the same fat the remaining garam masala,coriander powder and red chilli powder,one-third of the tumeric and just before removing,the cumin.
6.Pour over mutton and soak for 1 hour.
7.In a heavy bottomed pan,put in the mutton and on top the fried potatoes. Over this,place parboiled rice.
8.Add water in which rice was parboiled,pulp of dried plums, lime juice, colouring and remaining tumeric mixed together.Add salt as required.
9.Seal and cook over a slow fire-preferably coal and with live on top of the lid.(it can also be done in an oven for 1 to 11 2 hrs.)
10.Remove from fire and keep till ready to serve.
11.Break seal.Add saffron mixed 1 tbs. pure ghee and 1 tbs.milk.
12.Mix well and serve hot.
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