Paneer Mutter recipe
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Published Aug 20, 2007 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Veg-Main Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Standing Time 1 hour

Recipe of Paneer Mutter recipe

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Paneer 200 Grams
Green Peas 200 Grams
Masala 2 Tablespoons
Onions-chopped 2 Numbers
Tomatoes 2 Numbers
Ginger 2 Teaspoons
Green Chillies 2 Numbers
Coriander Leaves To Taste
Cream/Milk 1 Cup
Salt To Taste
Ghee 2 Tablespoons


Cut paneer into cubes. Heat ghee and fry the paneer to light brown and remove. Soak the fried paneer in hot water for few minutes and remove. Vegetable masala mixed with little water and fry well. Chop one tomato, add to the masala and fry well. Add green peas, paneer and very little water and cook the peas. Add cream and salt to taste. Add tomato cut into eight pieces. Bring to boil, remove from the fire when the gravy is thick. Serve hot garnished with chopped coriander leaves.
Paneer: Boil one litre milk in a pan. Add two tea-spoon lime juice. When the milk breaks remove from fire. Strain through a muslin cloth bag. Tie the muslin bag and keep some wight on top of the bag. After one hour remove the weight and take out the paneer from the muslin bag.
Posted Aug 20, 2007

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pradeep Oct 27, 2011
Panner curry with this discription it will not become panner curry it will become Salad

madhu Aug 21, 2011
the description is not proper,how will the beginner udnderstand............very poor quality descriptio n i mean the ;procedure

prads Apr 1, 2011
did not understand the receipe / not good

nidhin Feb 14, 2009
not good

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