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Published October 16, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Other Preparation Time 45 mins

A tangy sweet and sour chutney, great after any meal.

Recipe of Plum Chutney

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Plum  2 Lbs
Sugar  1 Lbs
Medium Onion  1 Numbers
Garlic pod  1 Numbers
Red Chili Powder  0.5 Teaspoons
Peppercorns  0.5 Teaspoons
Lemon Grass  0.5 Teaspoons
Cardamom  1 Large
Cinnamon  0.5 Teaspoons
Salt  1 Teaspoons
Raisins  0.5 Cup
Dates  0.5 Cup
Acetic Acid  1.5 Teaspoons
Sodium Benzoate  0.5 Teaspoons

1. Wash and cut each plum in two halves. Chop onion and garlic. 2. Put all the ingredients in a thick bottom large pan on medium heat and cook with occasional stirring till the gravy thickens. 3. Remove from heat and add acetic acid and sodium benzoate. 4. Sterilize 3 or 4 jam bottles by putting in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Remove, drain and allow to dry. 5. Bottle hot chutney in warm sterilized bottle. Do not close the bottles till the chutney cools down. Can be stored for up to six months.
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