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Published August 10, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Potatos Preparation Time 30 mins

Poha cutlet is a delicious snack made of poha or flattened rice which is also known as pohe or atukulu that is soaked in water to make it little soft and mixed with gram flour (besan atta) and other spices.

Recipe of Poha Cutlets

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
poha / chiwada  2-3 Cup
boiled potato  1-2 Numbers
onion - (medium sized, chopped)  1 Numbers
fresh cilantro (coriander)   To Taste
red chili powder  1/4 Teaspoons
lemon juice  3-4 Pinch
green chilli  1 Numbers
salt   To Taste
oil   To Fry

  1. Wash poha thoroughly and put it a bowl.
  2. Add boiled and mashed potato, chopped onion, chopped green chilies, chopped coriander, salt, red chilli powder and lemon juice.
  3. Mix everything and make small balls and give desired shape.
  4. Shallows fry them on medium heat.
  5. Crispy cutlets are ready to eat.
  6. Serve hot with tomato sauce and mint chutney.
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