Pukki biryani
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Author shalini958 Yield No Value
Published Sep 7, 2007 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Rices Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Rice Standing Time 1 hour

Recipe of Pukki biryani

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Mutton 500 Grams
Onion 55 Grams
Cloves 2 Grams
Garlic 6 Numbers
Ginger 5 Grams
Salt 10 Grams
Pulao Rice 400 Grams
Sultanas 15 Grams
Onion 115 Grams
Fat 115 Grams
Eggs 1 Numbers


Wash and cut up the  meat.2. peel onion and leave it whole; peel garlic and bruise ginger.3put all the ingredients into the pan and cook gently till meat is tender.

4. cool and remove fat surface.

5 remove meat and strain soup

Pick wash and soak rice.2.slice onion 3 fry onion till crisp remove and put aaside. 4 add meat and brown.m then add rice and spices from the soup. fry till fat has been absorbed.5 add soup and cook and sliced hard bolied eggs.

Posted Sep 7, 2007

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Jaichitra Nov 6, 2009
I tried this biryani's it came out so tasty,
Thanks to Vah chef

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