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Ranith Gada

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Published October 14, 2007 Cooking Time (mins)
Main Ingredient Fish Preparation Time mins

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Recipe of Ranith Gada

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Caraway Seeds  1/2 Teaspoons
Cumin Seeds  1 Teaspoons
Asafoetida  a Pinch
Cloves  3 Numbers
Aniseed Powder  1 Teaspoons
Ginger Powder  2 Tablespoons
Turmeric  2 Tablespoons
Red Chili Powder  1 Tablespoons
Mustard oil  2 Cup
Fish  2000 Grams
Salt  2 Teaspoons

1. Deep fry in oil the dressed fish pieces including the heads, in a #39;Kadahi #39;, till these are brown and stiff. Only 5 to 6 pieces should be fried at a time, to facilitate fuming with a perforated ladle, and for uniform frying on all sides. Take out the fully fried pieces from the #39;Kadahi #39;, with the perforated ladle, after draining all oil. Keep aside in a plate. 2. Now in an earthenware cooking pot ( #39;Leij #39;), or a steel or tinned brass or copper #39;Patila #39;, of about 3 litres capacity or more, pour a litre of water, and add the Spices, Ingredients no. 3 to 8, and also the oil left over, after frying of fish pieces. Sometimes more oil is used in deep frying to save time. In that case, the extra oil is kept for future use but only for frying of fish and cooking its curry, as the used oil picks the odour of the fish. Stir the #39;Masala #39;, oil and water, by a ladle and bring the cooking pot to a boil. Add the fried fish pieces to the boiling gravy. 3. Let cook, on medium heat, for half an hour or more, till the gravy thickens and oil begins to show. 4. Add #39;Garam Masala #39; or #39;Vari Masala #39;, and cook for a few minutes more. The Curry is served cold usually with Plain Cooked Rice. It can keep for a couple of days even in hot weather, but for a longer time during winter. The Fish Curry is therefore usually cooked at one time, to be served for several days. Cold Fish Curry is relished more, than when it is hot, because of its thick congealed gelatinous gravy. Tamarind, Tomatoes, tart Apples, Prunes, fresh Plums, or fresh or dry Apricots, are also added some-times, in addition to #39;Masala #39;, to impart a pleasant tart taste to the Curry. For the above Recipe we would require about 50 gm. of Tamarind or 100 gm. of Tomatoes, or a couple of tart Apples, or a dozen of Plums or Prunes or fresh or dry Apricots. The Tamarind is kept soaking in a cup of boiling water, before hand, cooled and mashed and the strained pulp is added, after the fish pieces have boiled for a few minutes. If Tomatoes are used, these are dipped in boiling water for a minute, and then plunged in cold water. Thereby their skins are peeled off easily. After mashing and straining, the sauce is added, while the curry is boiling. Pared tart Apple quarters, after coring, or Prunes, or fresh whole tart Plums or fresh or dry Apricots, are also added, while the fish pieces are boiling. Sour dried Apricot halves; with stones removed, are available in the market and are called #39;Chera Naem #39;. A cried variety of plums called Prunes (K- #39;0luv Bukhar #39;), are also sold in the market.
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Ranith Gada

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