Royal Chicken
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Published Oct 24, 2007 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Non Veg-Main Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Chicken Standing Time 1 hour

Recipe of Royal Chicken

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Chicken Legs 400-500 Grams
Brown Onion, Cut Into Small Pieces 1/2 Numbers
Carrot Chunks 150 Grams
Light Soy Sauce 2 Tablespoons
Cooking Wine 2 Tablespoons
Tomato Ketchup 3 Tablespoons
Salt Pinch
Sugar 1 Tablespoons
Water 100 ml
Cornflour Mixed With 1 Tbsp Water 1 Teaspoons


Clean chicken legs, remove skin & fat. Chop into pieces. Heat a little oil in a non-stick wok. Stir-fry onion pieces until fragrant. Add chicken pieces, carrots and seasoning ingredients*. Cover, bring to the boil and simmer at low heat for 20 minutes. Reduce liquid to less than 100ml with high heat, add cornflour mixture and stir to thicken. Serve hot with rice.
Posted Oct 24, 2007

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veena Dec 18, 2008
Thank you very much Sir for all your mouth watering recipies. Hope you upload many more videos. Vah Chef Vah

veena Dec 18, 2008
I like the way you cook. You make cooking so simple and interesting in all your videos. You really inspire others to cook.

veena Dec 17, 2008
Add sliced ginger also before adding onion, it will taste good

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