Soy Milk
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Author k.johnkurian Yield No Value
Published Nov 2, 2010 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Beverages Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Beans Standing Time 1 hour
Description: To prepare 1 litre soy milk

Recipe of Soy Milk

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Cold Water 900 ml
Soya Beans Or Soya Granules 120 Grams


1. Soak soy beans in clean water overnight. 2. Remove/filter water. Grind the beans with half of the cold water in the food blender until smooth. 3. Pour the mixture over a muslin (cheesecloth) cloth covered sieve. Strain out as much liquid as possible. 4. Put the soy pulp back into the blender with the remaining cold water and grind again. Repeat step 3. 5. Sieve the soy milk (without the pulp) through the muslin cloth to remove any remaining grit. 6. Microwave the soy milk 7-8 mins or until nearly boiling. This step will shorten the heating time on the stove which helps prevent burnt pot bottom. 7. Pour the soy milk into a big pot. Bring to boil 3 times and remove any foam. 8. The soy milk is now ready for drinking. Add sweetener of choice. Cool and store in the fridge. Thanks to Sinner for the wonderful recipe.

Recipe Tips

1. For vanilla flavoured milk, add 1/2 a vanilla bean when boiling the soy milk. 2. For pandan flavoured milk add pandan leaves when boiling the soy milk.
Posted Nov 2, 2010

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