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Brinjal Fry ( Gutti Vankai

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Brinjal Fry ( Gutti Vankai Recipe, Brinjals sukhi sabji, How To Make Brinjal Fry ( Gutti Vankai Recipe

Gutti Vankaya Kura or Stuffed Eggplant/Brinjal curry is Andhra traditional special. Eggplant stuffed with spices and cooked to perfection. Gutti Vankaya Kura or Stuffed Eggplant/Brinjal curry is Andhra traditional special. An easy Indian food recipe that can be made with tender.

Brinjal or Baigan can also be commonly known as eggplant, aubergine. Brinjal, is definitely a quickly harvested plant of the family Solanaceae. Its fruit has lots of nutrition and generally eaten like a veggie. The fruit along with other portions of the plant are used in traditional medicinal practises. It's indigenous to Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


The veggie is fleshy and it has meaty consistency.... Read More..

About Recipe

Brinjals vepudu, Brinjals varuval, Brinjals Bhaja


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Prep time
Cook time
30 mins
Total time
30 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Brinjal Eggplant
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : March 12, 2019

Ingredients used in BRINJAL FRY ( GUTTI VANKAI
• Salt - as per taste 0.
• Baby eggplant - 10 0.
• Water - 0.
• Oil - 1 0.
• Red chilli dry - 4 0.
• Channa dal - 1 0.
• Urad dal - 2 0.
• Fennel seeds - pinch 0.
• Coriander seeds - 1 0.
• Zeera - 1 0.
• Tamarind - 4 0.
• Garlic cloves - 5 0.
• Curry leaves - 1 0.
• Hing - pinch 0.
• Turmeric powder - pinch 0.
  1. First slit the brinjal in the center and put the salt water.In a pan heat oil and fry the brinjal for 30sec and remove.
  2. Take a pan add little oil, add red chilly dry, channa dal,urad dal,fenugreek seeds.coriander seeds,zeera,tamarind,garlic,curry leaves hing,salt,turmuric powder and fry till golden brown colour, once it done let it cool down and make it into a fine powder.
  3. Now take the brinjals fried, take the masala powder add little water and stuff into the brinjal keep a side.
  4. Now in another pan add little oil spread the stuffed brinjal close it with the lid and cook for 20min in a very slow flame, keep turning, if required add salt, coriander and switch off the flame.

Cooking with images Brinjals bhaji, Brinjals , Brinjals palya


Brinjal or Baigan can also be commonly known as eggplant, aubergine. Brinjal, is definitely a quickly harvested plant of the family Solanaceae. Its fruit has lots of nutrition and generally eaten like a veggie. The fruit along with other portions of the plant are used in traditional medicinal practises. It's indigenous to Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


The veggie is fleshy and it has meaty consistency. The veggie is capable of absorbing considerable amounts of cooking fats and sauces, permitting loaded meals, however the salting procedure will decrease the quantity of oil soaked up. The veggie flesh is smooth; as associated with the tomato, the various seeds are soft and edible together with all of those other fruit. The skinny skin can also be edible, so peeling isn't required.


Cooking of Baigan bharta may be in lots of versions according to their areas and preference. It could also be roasted in its skin till charred, so the pulp can be taken off and combined with other materials for example lemon, tahini, and garlic, as in the Middle Eastern dish baba ghanoush and also the similar Greek dish melitzanosalata.


Barbequed, crushed and combined with onions, tomatoes and spices result in the Indian Dish Baingan ka Bhartha or Gojju, much like Salata de vinete in Romania, while a mixture of roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, chopped onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, celery and spices is known as Zacusca in Romania or Ajvar in Serbia and Balkans.



Ratatouille is an extremely preferred recipe made out of a variety of eggplant, tomatoes, onions and zucchini. To find out and refresh yourself by beginning prepare these common and simple Brinjal Eggplant dishes the following to maintain your family and children in high spirits:


Crispy Fingers Eggplant are specifically scrumptious deep-fried into finger shapes which are equally healthy and enjoyable to consume for the family and friends throughout party time after frying sprinkle some


Brinjal and Cucumber Chutney or Vankaaya dosakaya pachadi is commonly produced in Andhra delicacies and made with eggplants and also the lemon cucumber that provides a tangy flavor and crispness to the fresh chutney.


Bharli Vangi Stuffed Baby Eggplants Conventional Maharashtrian curry typically referred to as Bharli Vangi or "Stuffed Eggplant" is definitely a unique recipe made out of baby eggplants/ brinjals packed with spicy masala sweet and tangy gravy.


Bengali Eggplant Fry is actually a widely made use of veggie in Indian cooking. Bengali eggplant fry is really a side dish that may be consumed with rice, chapattis or simply like a snack. For preparing, layer spices on the eggplants with spices or herbs and deep fry till done.


Smoked Eggplant Pachadi is a wonderful experience made out of charring the eggplant till prepared and also the skin peeled off; including some yogurt and spices in the crushed smoked eggplant tempered having a wonderful flavoring to make it yummy. Will go perfectly with phulkas!


Eggplant Gotsu for Ven Pongal an incredible and attractive stew type curry made out of eggplant that is associated with Ven Pongal.


Brinjal Fry Gutti Vankai is Andhra conventional exclusive. Eggplant loaded with spices and cooked perfectly.


Paneer with Brinjal Rolls A large brinjal called, cut into fillet and barbequed then rolled up by incorporating paneer filling and cooked in tangy tomato gravy using the touch of basil it includes flavourful recipe.


Brinjal Curry Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu is among the standard south Indian gravies which is undoubtedly popular with all. Tender eggplants are loaded with the roasted masala mix and shallow deep-fried in oil to have it cooked properly and once again it's simmered/cooked in masala tamarind gravy to obtain the conventional flavor.


Brinjal Potato Curry with Onion Tomato Gravy, typically referred to as Aloo baingan ki subji is made from cubed brinjals and potatoes prepared in the onion tomato gravy.



Brinjal Rasam Brinjal rasam is often a traditional rasam using an exclusive flavor from soft prepared brinjals included with the pulp obtained from tamarind that's the base of Rasam and provides a tangy taste. It is a various variant from the regular rasam prepared every day. The dal water included with the rasam helps with managing the sourness or even the spiciness of the soup. Brinjal rasam is extremely fragrant and flavourful that derives from the fresh roasted and ground Indian spices or herbs included with it.


Brinjal chutney - ding chick is fantastic and tasty freshly made chutney in the ding chick to flavor completely great.


Chicken Brinjals Curry Generally nobody makes this combo chicken with brinjal but all of us have to do this recipe it had been amazing flavor a fantastic flavor arrives out of this dish and may offer with chapati or rice.

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