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Crab Curry (a)

crab curry (a)
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Crab Curry (a) Recipe, How To Make Crab Curry (a) Recipe

How to makecrab curry (a)?How to cookcrab curry (a)?Learn the recipecrab curry (a)by vahchef.For all recipes visit

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How to make crab curry (a)

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crab curry (a)
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Crab
Servings : 0 persons
Published date : November 11, 2016

Ingredients used in crab curry (a)
• Crabs - 455 grams.
• Tomatoes - 115 grams.
• Coconut - 115 grams.
• Oil - 30 ml.
• Tamarind - 10 grams.
• Salt - to taste.
• Kasmir chillies - 10 grams.
• Coriander - 10 grams.
• Turmeric - pinch.
• Garlic - to taste.
• Cumin - pinch.
• Ginger - 5 grams.
• Onions - 5 grams.
• Cinnamom - 225 grams.
• Spices for grinding - .

1. Wash crabs, pull the top shell from the body.

2. Discard the stomach bag attached to the shell below the eyes.

3. Discard greyish white dead man#39;s fingers and wash well.

4. Cut each crab into 4 pices.

5. Wash crab well.

6. Grind spices with coconut into a fine paste.

7. Heat oil and fry spices well.

8. Add crabs and fry.

9. Add chopped tomatoes water and cook for 2 minutes.

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