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Curd Recipe, How To Make Curd Recipe

Curd/plain yogurt or dahi is a dairy product obtained by curdling milk with an edible acidic substance such as curd itself, lemon juice or vinegar.

About Recipe

How to make curd

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Prep time
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Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Curd/Yogurt
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : February 06, 2019

Ingredients used in curd
• Milk - 300 ml.
• Curd sample - 20 ml.

Heat milk and cool to 120 fahrenheat. Add curd sample and set for 3 hrs and put in fridge when set.

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Yanti Ashaiban Posted on Sat Sep 01 2012

Bahaaaha u look so funny last time!

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Einstein Wallah Posted on Tue Sep 25 2012

it should be 41-46C not 41-48C as shown ... 48C is dangerously close to 120 beyond which I think germs die

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carmen rivera Posted on Sat Oct 20 2012

Thank you for this information. I learn how to make my homemade yogurt and I eat yogurt every day and my 10 month old grandson too. God bless you!

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Benazir Nazmuddin Posted on Mon Dec 10 2012

thanks 4 ur info..

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Shahid Mansuri Posted on Thu Feb 07 2013

thanks for the info and you are very sweet as curd

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Abhinav Mahajan Posted on Fri Feb 08 2013

Can we use normal yogurt as a sample for curd, Because in USA only yogurt of different flavors are available, but I am wondering if we can use whole plane yogurt as a sample for the first time.??

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Gopi M Posted on Tue Mar 05 2013

I just like the add in the start.

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Murtaza Hathiwala Posted on Wed Apr 03 2013

can i make curd using lemon instead starter r yogrt starter and ho to make sour curd

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vbsalsa Posted on Thu Apr 25 2013

Yes. As long as the yogurt has not been pasteurized & has LIVE culture it is suitable as a starter. It does not matter if it is flavored as the flavor becomes very diluted. U can use the yogurt made to make ur next yogurt. I "pot set" m

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Neththra'sVision Posted on Thu May 23 2013

"Thair Virudu" KING OF YOGURT. Sweet Sanjay.

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ThePetalbluelite Posted on Sun Jun 09 2013

You could use kefir yogurt too. If looking for kefir in the uk and europe check out the 'organic kephir' website.

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billunolia Posted on Tue Jun 18 2013


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