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A Guru which puts him into even Higher Grade
This is my small token of appreciation especially for you from me and my hubby Raj (Basavaraj)…by the way My hubby loves you so much…

Like an artist with blank canvas, he creates a masterpiece His goal – to provide his guests with an unforgettable feast With skillful hands and talent, he makes light work of it Chopping, mixing and stirring until all the pieces fit With pride he serves each dinner, inspecting each fine detail It must look flawless in his eyes if he is not to fail His reward is smiling faces, empty plates with nothing left.

As the popular saying goes – A journey to a man’s heart is through his stomach…..but I’d like to reword as – A journey to anyone’s heart is through the stomach!!

There are very few things more pleasurable than good food. After all, we work, slog, struggle and at the end of the day, all of it boils down to have good food!

Now there are countless number of websites online about food and cooking. With YouTube becoming a popular tool to reach out to millions of people around the world, more and more people keep posting recipes and cooking tips on how to make many mouth-watering dishes, which you thought you could only get to taste them in some posh hotels!! You probably can find a video recipe for any food in the world, showing you a step-by-step procedure on how to make them…

So when there are soo many of them, what’s soo special about

VahRehVah.com…Well vareva is all about inspiring others to cook :))

Truly, it lives up to its punch line..By just looking at the man responsible for warewa (Sanjay Thumma) cook, and make delightful gestures on how tasty the food will turn out is enough for you to put your cooking hat (apron) on!!

His recipes range from mouth watering Indian dishes to Italian, Chinese and even the very famous Southern Fried chicken..

And the best part of all these cooking videos is that he makes it very simple. You need not have special equipment or difficult-to-find ingredients to cook these dishes. You can manage with what’s available around you and pick up most of the ingredients required from your local grocery store.

And do the dishes turn up as tasty as Sanjay’s gestures…??The answer is a BIG YESS!!!

All his recipes are very easy to cook and at the end they taste like if they are cooked by Pros!!

So, Kudos to Mr. Thumma for introducing these simple but extremely tasty recipes and maintaining a great website Vahrehvah
[All of this for Free, though you can make a (truly deserving) donation by hitting the thank you button of his homepage]

Indian dude who went to the US and made an awesome website about cooking. He is an excellent chef and very interesting to watch. I am proud of him!

It’s refreshing to watch someone demonstrate mouth-watering dishes with uninhibited joy, a matter-of-fact globalism and minimal make-up. It helps that I love so many cuisines in India, but what immediately appealed to me is his stance as a teacher. It’s a very different experience to learn about traditional foods from someone who assumes, from the beginning, that his audience is not comprised of outsiders. Like a student whose teacher sets high expectations, viewers and home cooks rise to the challenge.

His balance of expert advice with friendly reassurance is neither oversimplified nor condescending. He’s a professional who knows his stuff, yet he doesn’t gleam with that over-polished, over-packaged look of television. Each video, from 2 to 10 minutes, covers one specific dish — just enough for a mouth-watering work break if not dinner inspiration.

Vahchef is indeed the best! His approach is refreshing and has inspired me to learn to cook Indian food. I didn’t think it could be done since though I love Indian food I knew nothing about cooking it… his videos make it a joy.
Some dishes are harder and require more skill, but there is a range and he typically mentions it if it is too much for a beginner to attempt. Highly recommended!

I am not indian, but my wife and I are addicted to Indian food. Vahchef is by far the greatest resource on learning to cook Indian food…his butter chicken recipe is unreal! Vahchef is my hero!

Vahchef is the best of all that I have seen. He details his cooking in such a way that is tempting and inspiring and above all his skill is unbeatable. His smile said it all for his love of food and he shares it with his viewers, he wants us to benefit and to appreciate cooking. His website is the best so far. His videos is a joy to watch over and over again. I am addicted to his website.

Really sanjay thank you very much…
you are my guru, your demonstration is very nice like my mouth-watering.. ho nice,
i successed in my party in australia with your recipe,
thank you,


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