cheese sticks

Cheese Sticks…wow! very crispy outside; soft and creamy inside; very easy to prepare and sooo very good to eat. It’s an excellent appetizer to munch on and spend your day. Cheese sticks are easily prepared adding some grated parmesan cheese with the seasoned flour, microwaved for a minute to form dough. These are then rolled into desired shapes, nicely coated over with bread crumbs and deep fried until golden and crispy.

Dump out your regular junk food and start making these mouth-watering cheese sticks during snack time which can be wonderful starters or appetizers during play time or fun time. Cheese sticks are absolutely incredible, made from all natural ingredients, packed with flavours from tons of melted parmesan cheese and different spices.

Parmesan cheese is one of the popular kinds of Italian extra hard cheeses. It is usually used with spaghetti and other typical Italian pasta. Parmesan is a part of Italian national cuisine and is usually grated. It is very commonly used in Italian dishes. This variety of cheese is commonly seen in Caesar salads, lasagne etc. and are optionally topped with Italian cheese after cooking. In American cuisine, dry parmesan cheese is commonly used on top of pizza after it is served. They are also used in stuffing mushrooms, breadsticks, spinach dip, chicken dishes and more.

These cheese sticks can be served with tomato or marinara sauce, plum sauce or barbecue sauce. You could also be creative in making sumptuous fusion flavours from the Asian or Mexican cuisine. Cheese is an excellent ingredient and can also be used in many a variety of delicious recipes like Crispy cheese rolls, Barbequed Cheese, Cheese balls, Cheese puris, Chilli Cheese toast etc. Kids would go gaga eating these exotic and yummy dishes.

Parmesan cheese or Parmegiano reggiano is distinctively salty, slightly granular in texture and a crucial ingredient in some sauce. It is a very popular cheese for snacking by its own or with crackers. It is extremely flavourful in melted dishes that include soups and sauces. Parmesan cheese is used with mashed potatoes, shephed’s pie, casseroles, au gratins etc. This cheese also makes a delightful pairing with fruits like apples, pears; served as appetizer or desserts.

I am sure by now you must be ready for preparing the cheese sticks as they must be really tempting your palates. Firstly take a bowl, add flour, corn flour, salt to taste, pinch soda, chilli powder, bread crumbs and mix with water to make a thick batter.

Now add the grated parmesan cheese and microwave for a minute and mix well. Take this mixture and make them into desired shapes like bread sticks, roundels and roll them in bread crumbs and deep fry till golden in colour. These cheese sticks can be eaten on its own or dip it in salsa, honey mustard, mayo garlic etc.

To get hold on the detailed recipe, click on the below link and view our wonderful video on making of cheese sticks:

Enjoy Cooking!