Turai beerakai combined and cooked with milk is a refreshing recipe with exotic flavors and taste. The dish is not too spicy, mildly spiced and gives a nice sweetness and spicy taste as it is cooked in milk that gives a wonderful creamy texture.

Turai in Hindi or beerakai in Telugu is Ridge gourd a famous vegetable in India and almost all cultures eat it in some form or another. Some people use it for curries, some for an afternoon snack; others use it for some purposes that are not even remotely related to food. This dish is a very simple dish easy to prepare with not much of ingredients yet tastes awesome with rice, chapati or roti. This dish gives a slight sweet and spicy taste.

You can prepare different types of dishes with turai like the popular beerakaaya chutney, beerakaya nuvvula kura etc. The turai beerakai - milk combination is a new recipe that really concentrates the flavor and brings out the sweetness of both beerakaaya and milk along with spices. Simple vegetable curry with some protein profile, turai beerakaaya with milk curry makes delicious filler for chapatis or pav-wiches on low appetite days.

Beerakaya aka Turai is a favorite of many and is available all year round and makes a regular appearance in our daily meals. Beerakaya with milk is a simple preparation and a winning combination. Ridge gourd absorbs the flavors of spices beautifully to bring out a healthy, calcium rich, delicious and yummy dish. The Ridge Gourd is an extremely popular vegetable in the African, Asian and the Arabic countries. It is also known by other names such as loofah, luffa, turai, turiya, tori etc. Originally believed to be originated in the Arabic desserts, this vegetable has spread throughout the world. It is a dark green, ridged vegetable having white pulp with white seeds embedded in spongy flesh. All species of ridge gourd/loofah are edible, but they must be consumed before they mature, or else they will be too woody and fibrous to eat.

There are various other preparations that can be made out of turai or beerakaya. The turai cooked in milk is exotic to look and delicious to taste. To prepare this delicious dish, heat oil in a pan and mustard seeds, when they crackle add whole red chillies and cumin seeds. Add channa dal, urad dal and slightly brown them. Add finely chopped onions, turmeric powder, chopped green chillies, curry leaves, salt and sauté them well. Do not brown the onions. Add coriander powder and milk and add the diced ridge gourd pieces and allow cooking for 10 mins. Garnish with with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.

Normally kids hate eating turai vegetable as it is assumed as the most tasteless vegetable. But despite the fact it is tasteless you can make different variations to make the dish yummy and delicious, hence do watch this video and learn one of the amazing dish prepared at:


Ridge gourd or turai is known to be a powerhouse of nutrition. It is loaded with nutrients such as dietary fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, thiamin, iron and magnesium. This vegetable is also low in fat and calories. Being low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in dietary fiber, it becomes the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to lose some weight quickly. It also has very high water content, making it a very low calorie vegetable (only 60 calories in 100 gm of cooked ridge gourd).

There are various delicious preparations of ridge gourd that are available. The best one is to make pakodas out of it and offer it to the kids and sure they would love pakodas. You can make it as an evening snack. For making this dish if you do not find turai or beerakai you can prepare this recipe with the bottle gourd. Bottle gourd with milk is also very delicious and creamy.