Chicken Brinjal Curry

12 Aug 2014

Chicken Brinjal Curry is a unique and delicious variation, combination of chicken and brinjal cooked together with few aromatic spices gives a flavorful savour to the dish. The curry tastes extremely well with roti, chapatti or rice. This is a brilliant and new version of making a fantastic curry truly unthoughtful off as normally chicken is made with potatoes, bell peppers etc but brinjal also does gives an awesome and unbelievable flavor to the dish. As most of know that chicken is a high protein food and most of us love eating, Eggplant or Brinjal is also an amazing low calorie vegetable having umpteen healthy nutrition profile especially for the weight watchers. Brinjal is also popularly known as auberine in Western countries. There are a variety of brinjals available in the markets that vary in size, shape and color. In this recipe I am using the green variety that is oval shaped, bright, firm, and smooth with glossy skin. Brinjal is used in making a variety of dishes like s...