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Everything about Ambadal :

Aamba dal is one of those quick-n-simple recipes which makes you wonder how such a recipe can taste so heavenly. Raw mango is the main element of this Aamba Dal (it is also referred to as ‘Vatli Daal or ‘Kairichi Dal’), this dish is mainly associated with summer. Infact, Ambadal is traditionally prepared during ‘Chaitra Mahina’ and served along with a delicious sweet and sour Indian beverage ‘Panha’ which is made with raw mangoes and sweetened with sugar. This Amba dal is luscious to eat especially for all the people who are mango maniac. Tartness of the mangoes, nuttiness from channa dal, sweetness from the coconut and spiciness from green chillies is an excellent medley of gusto to the palate. This Amba dal tastes extremely well with rice, roti or any type of bhakri. Traditionally this is served on a banana leaf with Aam Panha.

Ambadal also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali amra 
Kannada ambate 
Malyalam mampuli 
Tamil mambulichi 
Telugu amratakamu 

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