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Top 10 South Indian Breakfast Recipes

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Top breakfasts of  South India

South Indian Breakfast dishes are the simplest, easy to prepare, delicious and stomach filling. They provide all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals that one require to happily kick start the day. Eating healthy, nutritious and simple breakfast makes you truely energetic and keeps you healthy.


Normally most of us especially kids look for variety in food. Breakfast is commonly known as Nashta or tiffin varies from region to region. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. But there are some people who skip eating breakfast mainly as they may not like the dish prepared or on dieting.


Eating breakfast daily morning is a great way to get your metabolism working well for the day. It also keeps you from binging junk foods. Eating a healthy meal in the morning also will keep your spirits up throughout the day. It will provide you with plenty of energy to help you get through the regular tasks of your day.A healthy, appetizing and delicious in the morning will also help to regulate your blood sugar levels through lunch time, which plays a vital role in your mood.


Generally many of us keep thinking of what to cook for breakfast which is a tough job for many as they need to satisfy the palate of their family members. Unfortunately in today’s busy world no one gives importance to the most important meal of the day. People also get bored with the routine repeated items prepared often.


There is a wide collection of south Indian breakfast that one can prepare. You could also be creative and prepare new varieties to suit your family’s taste. If you are looking for some simple yet healthy, delicious and appetizing south Indian breakfast recipes, then below are some of the top 10 south Indian breakfast recipes that I felt are in great demand prepared in most homes and in restaurants.


Idli is a south Indian savoury round cake popular throughout India. The cakes are usually two to three inches in diameter and are made by steaming a batter consisting of fermented black lentils (de-husked) and rice

Medu Vada  is an urad dal based fried snack, a delightful dish from the South Indian cuisine. For preparing this dish, the urad dal is soaked, ground together with spices and deep fried until golden brown. It is served with coconut chutney. This dish is a lentil savoury shaped like doughnuts, a south Indian breakfast. 

Dahi Vada  (lentil dumplings) is a popular Indian chaat, prepared by soaking vadas in thick dahi. The hot deep fried vadas are first soaked in water and then transferred to thick beaten yogurt. These are great as a side dish for a formal dinner. 

Dosa and other Dosa varieties  are popular south Indian breakfast that is made in most south Indian homes. It is made with rice, urad dal. Dosa is generally served with coconut chutney or milagai podi

Pesarattu Green gram dosa  is a popular Andhra breakfast dish which actually means an attu (crepe or dosa) made from pesara pappu (full moong dal or green moong dal or green gram). It is a lentil based pancake served as a best breakfast dish with coconut chutney. 

Mix Veg Multi Dal Adai Cheese Dosa  is one of the best food suited for kids and it is always a hit with the little tots and make this Adais as a reward to your kids. 

Poori  is a round, puffed unleavened deep-fried Indian bread, commonly eaten for breakfast or as a light meal; usually served with a delicious curry or bhaji. 

Vegetable Semiya Upma  is a popular south Indian breakfast dish made with vermicelli, vegetable and mildly spiced with green chillies. 

Appam  is God’s own country’s revered food and most popular among Kerala breakfast recipes that are healthy and easy to make. These white lacy pancakes have a crisp side with an airy, soft on touch, fluffy center. Appam recipe uses minimal ingredients, simple to make and usually served with a range of sides like vegetable stew or chicken stew, sweetened coconut milk, egg cury, egg roast, korma, chutney and kadala curry

Rava Dosa  is a very tasty and crispy semolina crepe/ pancakes and is perfect for a quicky breakfast that can be served with any chutney.

Ven Pongal – South Indian Ghee Khichdi  Khara Pongal is a popular dish in south Indian homes typically served as a special breakfast in Tamil Nadu. 


Since ages there has been an important proverb which says, “Break the fast like a King, have lunch like a Prince and dine like a Poor person”. This is truly said and if followed properly will keep you energetic and fit. Apart from these wonderful dishes, there are a plenty of tiffin varieties to suit to different taste buds.


Just give in a click on Indian Tiffins and check for some of your favourites.


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