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Everything about BASMATI RICE :

This “Basmati Rice” is a long grain rice that was reported in India in the early days of 19th century. J & K, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Western U.P, Uttarakhand are the areas where the production of this Basmati rice takes place. India is the largest producer and exporter of this rice to the global market. Basmati is actually derived from Indian language where the meaning of 'Bas' in Hindi is “aroma" and the meaning of 'Mati' is "full of" hence it is full of aroma. Basmati rice is very unique from other aromatic long grain rice varieties.

Basmati rice is different from other rice items mainly due to its aroma and elongation after cooking. No other rice items will have this combined characteristic. post cooking elongation of this Basmati rice will be more than twice of its original length, the aroma and sweet taste of this Basmati rice has made this rice a delicacy.

BASMATI RICE also known as

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