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Bitter gourd

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Everything about Bitter gourd :

A traditional way to cook bitter melon curry is to peel off the skin and cut into thin slices. It is salted and exposed to direct sunlight for few hours to reduce its bitterness. After a few hours, its salty, bitter water is reduced by squeezing out the excess by hand. Then it's rinsed with water a few times. Then fried in cooking oil, with onions also fried in another pan. When the onions have turned a little pink in color, the fried bitter melon is added to them. After some further frying of both the onions and bitter melon, red chili powder, turmeric powder, salt, coriander powder, and a pinch of cumin seeds are also added. A little water can be sprinkled while frying the spices to prevent burning. Then a good amount of tomato is added to the curry, with green chillies, according to taste. Now the pan is covered with a lid, heat reduced to minimum, the tomatoes reduce, and all the spices work their magic. The curry is stirred a few times (at intervals) during this covering period. After half an hour or so, the curry is ready to serve, with soft hot flatbreads and yogurt chutney.

Bitter gourd also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Karela 
Gujarati Karela 
Hindi Karela 
Kannada Hagalkai 
Kashmiri Karela 
Malyalam Pavakka 
Marathi Karle 
Oriya Kalara 
Tamil Pavakkai 
Telugu Kakarakaye 

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