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Buck Wheat

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Everything about Buck Wheat :

Buck Wheat is actually not a cereal grain, in reality this Buck Wheat is a seed of a flowering fruit which is related to rhubarb and sorrel. This plant is cultivated for its grain type seeds and it is also used as cover crop.It is really good in nutrients, it has very high nutrients. More than the Oatmeal this Buck Wheat has more fiber in it. It can be eaten instead of regular meal or the usual porridge, as it is high energizing, nourishing and tasty.

Some of the Health Benefits of the Buck Wheat are:

1.These are good for your cardiovascular system.

2.It helps in preventing gallstones.

3.It is fat alternative.

4.It is great for digestion.

Buck Wheat also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Titaphapur 
Hindi Kootu 
Malyalam Kootu 
Marathi Kuttu 
Tamil Kotu 

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