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Everything about Chillies :

Chillies The chili belongs to capsicum family, numerous versions and colors from green through to yellow, orange and red, are among the most favored seasonings in the world. Chillies may be used fresh, dried or powdered, and the degree of heat differs from variety to variety, from sweet and calm to blisteringly hot - generally speaking, smaller the chilli, the hotter the flavor. The material that produces the heat is known as capsaicin, that is found mostly inside the pith and, to some lesser extent, the seeds. But it’s not all about heat - every type features its own unique taste. Most fresh chillies looks shiny and firm, but you'll find exceptions, like cherry hot chillies, that have a wrinkly look even if they are in their peak. Chilli powder is actually a mixture of dried chilli peppers additionally other spices and salt, which will come either in moderate or hot versions

Chillies also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Lanka 
Gujarati March 
Hindi Mirch 
Kannada Menasinakayi 
Kashmiri March wangun 
Malyalam mulaka 
Marathi mirchi 
Oriya Lanka 
Tamil Milagai 
Telugu Mirapakayi 

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