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Colocasia Leaves

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Everything about Colocasia Leaves :

Colocasia leaves are a group of flowering plants that are used in landscaping and for food too. The plants of this genus comes in 25 species and the common names for these plants are Elephant ear, cocoyam, taro etc. Because of the large floppy leaves of Colocasia plant these are given the name elephant ears.
Throughout the Africa, the Caribbean, and South America these plants are used as food too. The Colocasias tubers are white fleshed with dark colored bark. The Hawaiian food Poi is made from these tubers of colocasia leaves

Colocasia Leaves also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Kochu sag 
Gujarati alu na patra 
Hindi arvi ka sag 
Kannada shamagad de yele 
Malyalam chembuila 
Marathi alupan 
Oriya sarue 
Tamil seppamilai 
Telugu chama akulu 

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