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Coriander leaves

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Everything about Coriander leaves :

Coriander roots have a deeper, more intense flavor than the leaves. They are used in a variety of Asian cuisines. They are commonly used in Thai dishes  including soups and curry pastes.Coriander leaves are high in vitamin C, vitamin K and proteins.These coriander leaves lowers the bad cholestoral and increases good cholestoral.It is good for digestive system and for bowel movements.The anti-septic properties in these leaves are used for curing mouth ulcers.To those who are suffering from anemia,these leaves are good for curing it, coriander leaves contains high amounts of iron.

Coriander leaves also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Dhane sag 
Gujarati kothmir 
Hindi hara dhania 
Kannada kothambari soppu 
Malyalam kothamalli 
Marathi kothim bir 
Oriya dhania 
Tamil kothamalli 
Telugu kothimiri 

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