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Everything about Cumin :

Cumin seeds are most commonly used ingredients in India and many more countries, it is native to the Middle East-Asian region but now it is grown all over the world for its pleasant aromatic seeds. These seeds give strong flavor and warm perception on taste buds. It is great suppliment for any diet, it is high in iron and manganese. It also gives fiber, calcium and many vitamins, It is said to prevent gas, reduce muscle spesms, clear jaundice, cure diarrhea.

Cumin also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Jeera 
Gujarati Jiru 
Hindi Zira 
Kannada Jeeraga 
Malyalam Jeerakam 
Marathi Jeera 
Oriya Jeera 
Tamil Jeeragam 
Telugu Jeelakarra 

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