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Curd mirchi

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Everything about Curd mirchi :

Curd Mirchi is also known as Challa Mirapakayalu, Curd Chillies, Dahi Mirchi, Sundried items etc., Take light colored green chillies which are less spicy. These green chillies are soaked in sour buttermilk for a couple of days and then dried in the sun. Though it looks simple, it is time taking. The whole process takes some days as they are supposed to be soaked in the buttermilk mixture for half a day, dried and then soaked again and then dried. This process is to be continued for a couple of days. These curd mirchies are very good accompaniment with dal, samber, rice and curd rice.

Curd mirchi also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Hindi Dahi Mirchi 

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