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Everything about Curds :

Curd is a soft white substance that forms when milk is coagulated, It is made by boiling and cooling the milk and adding a litle amount of curd to it. So now the curd has lactic acid bacteria, this bacteria multiple itself at the temperature of 30-40 degrees celsius and few hours ferments the milk to form the curd. Curd is very good source of calcium and proteins, it is very good for stomach as it helps in digestion and helps in giving a cooling effect from spicy foods.

Curds also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali doyi 
Gujarati dahi 
Hindi Dhai 
Kannada Mosaru 
Kashmiri zaamut duad 
Malyalam thayir 
Marathi dahi 
Oriya dahi 
Tamil thayir 
Telugu perugu 

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