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Field Beans

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Everything about Field Beans :

Broad beans are eaten while still young and tender, enabling harvesting to begin as early as the middle of spring for plants started under glass or over-wintered in a protected location, but even the maincrop sown in early spring will be ready from mid to late summer. Horse beans, left to mature fully, are usually harvested in the late autumn.

The beans can be fried, causing the skin to split open, and then salted and/or spiced to produce a savory crunchy snack. These are popular in China, Peru (habas saladas), Mexico (habas con chile) and in Thailand (where their name means "open-mouth nut").

Field Beans also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Sim 
Gujarati Wal 
Hindi Val 
Kannada Avare 
Malyalam Val avara 
Marathi Walpapdi 
Oriya Baragudi 
Tamil Mochai 
Telugu Chikkudu 

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