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Jambu fruit

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Everything about Jambu fruit :

Jambu Fruit Jambu fruit have numerous names, such as wax apple, java apple, rose apple, jumrool and so on. Even though exceptional in cultivation away from tropics, they're occasionally harvested as decorative or fruiting trees in hotter environments wherever frosts are unusual. Jambu fruit trees endure circumstances under which hardly any other fruit trees can survive. If pollination arises, the flowers later on grow into pear-shaped fruit. The fruit starts out light green or creamy white, afterwards maturing to the shiny, brownish-red color. The red versions are enjoyed uncooked, stewed with apples or offered with sugar, and therefore are usually used in many different recipes and desserts. Although the greenish fruit can be used in the much more delicious fashion in sauces or eaten with salt. A few of the health advantages of rose apples or jambu fruits consist of their capability to purify the liver, enhance digestion, prevent diabetes, enhance the immune system, lower cholesterol, protect against some types of cancers, remove fungal and bacterial infections, minimize fevers, as well as stop epileptic seizures. Rose apples are abundant with vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, calcium, thiamin, niacin, iron, sulfur, and potassium.

Jambu fruit also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Kalajam 
Gujarati Jambu 
Hindi Jamun 
Kannada Neralai 
Malyalam Naga pazham 
Marathi Jambhool 
Oriya Jamukoli 
Tamil Naga pazham 
Telugu Neredu pandu 

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