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Everything about Mushroom :

The Mushroom is a fungus that comes in a wide range of varieties which belongs to two distinct types namely wild and cultivated. These are classified as their own kingdom separated from plants and animals. It may be grown on soil or on its food source, these have been remembered as a source of powerful nutrients. Though they are placed in a vegetable category based on the dietary recommendations, these mushrooms are however not a vegetable category.

Mushrooms are good source of Vitamin B which help to provide energy by breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These are also a source of important minerals. Fresh mushrooms can be added to everyday dishes to provide an extra serving of vegetables and deliver important nutrients too.

Mushroom also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Hindi Tila chhatto 
Malyalam Koon 
Tamil Kalaan 
Telugu Kukka godugu 

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