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Musk melon

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Everything about Musk melon :

n addition to consumption of the fresh fruit, melons are sometimes dried and stored as melon leather. Other varieties are cooked as vegetables or grown for their seeds, which are processed to produce melon oil. Still other varieties are grown only for their pleasant fragrance

Various kinds of melon seeds are edible, and are sold as snacks in shops, by names as kwaci and kwatji. For this purpose, they are dried and often salted. The names come from Chinese 瓜子 guāzi; they are a very common snack food in China. People use the term "muskmelon" and "cantaloupe" interchangeably. In truth they are the same thing.

Musk melon also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Kharmuj 
Gujarati Kharbooja 
Hindi Kharbooja 
Kashmiri Kherbuz 
Marathi Kharbooja 
Tamil Mulam pazham 
Telugu Kharbooja 

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