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Everything about Pomegranate :

Pomegranate The pomegranate is a fruit-bearing deciduous plant or small tree inherited Lythraceae which grows approximately 8 meters tall. As whole juice, pomegranates are widely-used in cooking, baking, food garnishes, juice mixes, fruit smoothies, and alcoholic drinks, for example cocktails and wine. The pomegranate came from modern-day Iran and it has been harvested for thousands of years through the Mediterranean area and northern India. It had been introduced into Spanish America while in the late 16th century and California by Spanish residents in 1769. It is now more established in the market of Europe and also the Western Hemisphere Pomegranate juice may be sweet or sour, but a majority of fruits are mild in flavor, with sour insights through the acidic tannins as part of the juice. Pomegranate juice is certainly a trendy beverage in Europe, the Middle East and is also now distributed in the USA and North America. Dried pomegranate seeds, seen in some organic specialty food markets, however consist of some surplus water, keeping an organic sweet and sour taste. Dried seeds may be used in a number of cooking purposes, for example trail blend, granola bars, or like a topping for salad, yogurt, or ice cream. In northern India, a significant utilisation of the wild fruits is perfect for the preparation of "anardana"-the juice sacs getting dried under the sun for 8 to 10 days after which sold like a spice.

Pomegranate also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Dalim 
Gujarati Dalamb 
Hindi Anar 
Kannada Dalimbari 
Kashmiri Daan 
Malyalam Mathalam 
Marathi Dalimb 
Oriya Dalimba 
Tamil Mathalam 
Telugu Donimma pandu 

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