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Everything about Pomfret :

Pomfret is a deep bodied fish of open seas, which typically has scales on the dorsal and anal fins. This fish belongs to the family of Bramidae. These Pomfret fish are categorized into 3 types.

They are :

1. Silver Pomfret

2. Chinese Pomfret

3. Black Pomfret

Pomfret fish are rich in fat content, provides Calcium, Vitamin A and D, and B­vitamins, including Vitamin B12 makes it for the nervous system. It also contains Iodine, critical for the thyroid glad. These Pomfret fish is good for eye sight and healthy hair skin.

Pomfret also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Chanda 
Kannada Majie 
Malyalam vellaavoli 
Marathi Chandava 
Oriya bahal 
Tamil Vaval 
Telugu cheduvallu 

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