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Everything about POPCORN KERNEL :

It is a type of corn which expands from kernel on heating. Pressure builds from within the kernel on heating it and results in popping. Popcorn Kernel is a type of maize or corn, kernel comes from a wild grass called zea may everta. Though popcorn is of six types the zea may everta is the only variety that produces the kernel to pop.

Every kernel of the popcorn is having a certain amount of oil and moisture. The outer hull of the popcorn kernel is strong and impermeable to moisture unlike the other corns. These air-popped corn is high in dietary fiber and low in fat and calories and it is also sugar free and sodium.

Some of the Health benefits are:

1. It is good in proteins.

2. Weight loss snack.

3. It’s healthy whole grain.

POPCORN KERNEL also known as

Language Ingredient Name

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