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Everything about PRUNE :

Prune A prune is actually a dried plum of any of the cultivar, mainly Prunus domestica or European Plum. Using the word for fresh fruit is outdated apart from when given to versions harvested for drying. Most prunes are freestone cultivars the pit are easy to remove, while the majority of other plums cultivated for fresh intake are clingstone. Because of the common U.S. thought of prunes being utilized exclusively for comfort of constipation, and becoming the topic of linked joking, numerous providers stopped making use of the term "prune" on the labels to be replaced by "dried plums" Prunes are widely-used in cooking both sweet and savory food. Stewed prunes, a compote, really are a delicacy. Prunes undoubtedly are a regular factor in North African tagines. Prunes are widely-used often in Tzimmes, a conventional Jewish food as well as in the conventional Norwegian delicacy fruit soup. Prunes are also contained in other holiday meals, for example filling cake, and also to make sugar plums. Prune-filled Danish pastries are well-known mainly in New York along with other areas of the U.S. East Coast. Prune ice cream is favorite in the Dominican Republic. Chocolate-coated prunes certainly are a conventional confectionery in Eastern Europe. Prunes may also be utilized to make juice and kompot (uzvar), a standard beverage in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Prunes as well as their juice consist of moderate laxatives and also incorporate fibers. Prunes and prune juice therefore are popular natural home remedies for constipation. Prunes furthermore have a high anti-oxidant material. A prune is any of various plum cultivars, mostly Prunus domestica or European Plum, sold as fresh or dried fruit. Prune juice is made from dried prunes, or plums

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Hindi Alu bukhara 

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