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Everything about SOYA GRANULES :

Soy Granules Soy granules seem like small pellets, about the size of a cake decorating sprinkle. They're probably the most preferred among the various soy products you will find available in the market, due to their flexibility! They turn gentle, rise in size and combine simply along with other components. Soya granules are a fantastic organic supply of soy proteins, that you can use like a vegetable, nutritious and affordable meat alternative. They help add the amazing benefits of soya in your daily diet, in delicious and fascinating methods. Store dried soya granules in an airtight container in the cool, dry and dark place in which they'll preserve for approximately 1 year. Cooked soya granules can keep fresh inside refrigerator for around 3 days if put into a covered container. Soya granules may be incorporated into any recipe, you can use it in most type of food - Indian, Chinese and Continental. Soya granules may be coupled with a number of rice recipes, curries and subzis. You may also spice up with every day seasonings and enjoy it with roti, bread or rice. Soya granules are full of vitamins, minerals, lecithin, nutrients shown to assist lower cholesterol levels, protect against cancer and lack of bone mass. It's commended for diabetics, pregnant women, growing kids, cardiac patients, weight-watchers and also the older. Specifically, ideal for growing kids, because it offers crucial vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. Soya granules are probably the greatest non-fish causes of crucial omega-3 fatty acids, which might help reduce the chance of coronary heart disease. Soy protein is good for ladies in post-menopausal years. This delicious gravy is a treasure-trove of folic acid, while the unique koftas made of cabbage, soya granules and paneer pool in loads of fibre, protein and calciu

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