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Everything about Vermicelli :

Strictly speaking, the term vermicelli ought only be applied to the foodstuff made after the Italian art of forming (usually) long and thin strands (as above) from pasta, probably more strictly only to that made in the Toscana region (see below.) In this document, it is liberally applied to refer to other foodstuffs from other parts of the world (i.e., other than Italy) made from different ingredients and via differing methods. In most cases, these foodstuffs would not have been referred to as "vermicelli" (although "little worms" may still be an accurate translation of the proper term) and ought really to be referenced by their proper names. That said, it is obviously acceptable to refer to them as vermicelli-like, rather than explicitly and distinctly as vermicelli.

Vermicelli also known as

Language Ingredient Name
Bangali Semia 
Gujarati sev 
Hindi siwain 
Kannada Semige 
Malyalam semiya 
Marathi shevaya 
Oriya simai 
Tamil semiya 
Telugu Samiya 

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