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kerla ayurvedic water

Kerala Ayurvedic Water is a hot drinking water, slightly pinkish in colour, used by many people in the state of Kerala, India which is served in many restaurants and homes just before eating. It is made with a hard part of the wood of a multipurpose tree that is widely used for various medicinal purposes....

Date: - Mar 7, 2019


A simple kids recipe made with chocolates and dates. ...

Date: - Dec 12, 2018

Chinese Stick

Chinese stick is an exceptional and delicious snack made with a assortment of vegetables which includes beans, cabbage, capsicum, carrots and potatoes mixed with bread and spiced with some crushed green chilies and deep fried until golden brown....

Date: - Nov 9, 2016

Rice Krispies Treats @ Home

Here is the fun and easy recipe for the rice krispies at home using available ingredients....

Date: - Nov 18, 2016

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