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Author Vahchef Servings 0 persons
Published March 20, 2009 Cooking Time (mins) 20
Main Ingredient Cabbage Preparation Time 5 mins

cabbage curry with lime juice is very good with rice or chappati.

Recipe of cabbage curryy with lime drizzles on it

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
curry leaves  5 Numbers
sugar   Pinch
salt   To Taste
turmeric  1 Teaspoons
oil  3 Tablespoons
green chillies(split)  3 Numbers
red chillies  2 Numbers
spring onions  1 Springs
channa dal  1tsp
red chilli powder   To Taste
onion (red onion)  1 Numbers
cabbage  1 Small
lime or lemon  1

to cook the curry take a heavy bottom saute pan and heat the pan for medium low heat on stove and put some oil and when the oil is heated put some channa dal and let it cook and change the colour and add mustard seeds let it crackle and green chillies curry leaves and put the chopped onions and put some salt to it so that it cooks fast and it is transulusent and add turmeric and add chopped cabbage and stir the cabbage by adding little by little so that the bottom of the ingredients get well mixed and nothing stays below so for a long time if tadaka stays down it may burn very easily and let it cook for a while and add chilli powder and squeeze lime or lemon at the end if you add it when it is cooking the curry may become bitter and add a pinch of sugar so it may take some of the cabbage flavour.
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